What exactly is the Better Way to Stay campaign?

The main reason travelers DON’T choose B&Bs is because the B&B option doesn’t cross their minds, according to a study by PAII and TripAdvisor in 2009.  And just as hotels turn their attention to building the leisure travel market, the B&B industry must be poised to brand the B&B experience.  The Better Way to Stay campaign provides a neutral campaign supported by the entire B&B industry that shares positive stories, brands the B&B experience, serves as a clearinghouse for media and researchers, and ultimately drives more reservations and revenues to industry and PAII members.

Better Way to Stay is the B&B industry’s only industry-wide, industry-supported grassroots campaign to promote the B&B experience, educate travelers on B&B choices and ultimately to convert hotel-and-motel stayers to inn-goers. Through a multi-faceted, multi-media approach to branding today’s B&B experience, the campaign aims to drive awareness and ultimately revenue to B&Bs and the associations and businesses that support the industry.

The goal of the Better Way to Stay campaign is to reach the audience offering the best potential for current and future business – Gen-X and Gen-Y travelers (25-45 years old), with the intention of hooking them on today’s B&B experience and converting them to “B&B lifers”. We’ve calculated that if this campaign can move just one half of one percent of today’s hotel goers, it can translate into as many as 50 new customers for every B&B in North America and bring B&Bs onto travelers’ radar screens.

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