B&Bs for Vets press release for you to use

Are you participating in the B&Bs for Vets program this year?  We’re sure your local and regional media would love to hear about it.  Please complete the following press release by filling in the blanks then send it to local and regional newspapers, TV stations, radio stations and bloggers. It also works for associations to spread the word about their involvement in B&Bs for Vets too.  In the past, many participating inns and B&Bs have garnered some great media coverage by contacting the media about their participation in this program.

A few tips before completing the release:

1)  Be sure to eliminate all the instructions in the final version of the release.

2) Proof read it and have someone who didn’t complete the release proof read it too.

3)  Be sure all fonts match; that is be sure you use the same font to fill in the blanks as the rest of the release.

4)  Cut and paste the release into your email. Do not send it as an attachment.

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6) Be sure to finish with complete contact information including  your name, your inn, your complete address, your phone number, your website and your email address.

Here’s the release.  Now go tell the world about your participation in B&Bs for Vets!

News from (insert your inn’s name, insert date for release)

Contact:  (insert your name, phone number and email address)


(Insert your city, state) – (Insert your inn/association name) will join hundreds of inns and B&Bs throughout the U.S. and Canada in honoring active and retired veterans with free rooms in recognition of Veteran’s Day.  In a campaign called B&Bs for Vets, (insert the name of your B&B) will join inns and B&Bs in opening their doors with complimentary stays for vets on (fill in the date you will offer free rooms) so they can have a great night’s sleep in a B&B. (Insert the name of your inn/association name) will offer (insert your offer including the number of rooms, any additional discounts and/or how the association will participate).

“We are proud to join innkeepers across the USA and Canada in honoring active and retired military and veterans by offering a complimentary room(s),” said (insert your name, and your relationship to the inn, i.e. co-owner, general manager, President of Association). “We are thrilled that thousands of vets and their families will spend Veteran’s Day in a B&B, like ours.  It’s one small way we can thank those serving in the military and their families for the important work they do” finished (insert your name).

The B&Bs for Vets program started in 2008 when Kathleen Panek, co-owner of the Gillum House and a handful of other innkeepers in West Virginia opened their doors to veterans in honor of Veteran’s Day. The program grew in popularity among innkeepers, and last year  more than 750 inns in the US and Canada participated by offering free rooms to vets.  This year, the Professional Association of Innkeepers International is coordinating the B&Bs for Vets program as a way to help veterans learn about today’s B&B experience through the Better Way To Stay campaign.

Veterans interested in reserving a room for the B&BS for Vets program are asked to call the inn at (insert your phone number) to make a reservation. Proof of military service will be requested.  Visit (insert a link to your website where the B&Bs for Vets package is listed) for more information on the (insert your inn’s/association’s name) B&Bs for Vets participation.  To see a complete list of participating inns and B&Bs in the U.S. and Canada, visit http://www.betterwaytostay.com/current-promotions/bbs-for-vets/.

Vets, to reserve your complimentary stay, please contact the inn directly at (insert your phone number and/or email address).

About (insert the name of your inn/association)

(Use this space to describe your inn, B&B or association).

About Better Way to Stay

The Better Way To Stay project is a grassroots campaign sponsored by the Professional Association of Innkeepers International (www.innkeeping.org).  The campaign is dedicated to helping travelers discover today’s inns and B&B experience through programs and social network campaigns geared to enhancing the travel experience.  (For associations and inns contributing to the campaign, please add this sentence:  The Better Way To Stay is supported in part by donations from (insert the name of your inn/association).

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